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Gumbiner Savett Inc. (GS) is a full-service accounting firm providing audit and assurance, tax, business services, litigation support and business advisory services. Our clients range from individuals and their families to both private and public middle-market companies. Based in Santa Monica, the firm has been in business for over 60 years and is one of the largest local CPA firms in Southern California.

We consistently rank in the Los Angeles Business Journal's Largest Accounting Firms and have been recognized by the California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CalCPA) as one of the largest employers of CPAs in the State of California.

Our size and team approach allows us to provide the highest caliber of professional service to clients in local, national and international business communities. With deep community and industry involvement, we are also on top of the latest issues facing our clients as their business advisors. Put us to the test!

Branding Your Organization

Brand loyalty isn’t just for cereals and electronic devices. It’s also an integral part of marketing health care services in a competitive marketplace. This article explains the strategic importance of branding. It involves...

Ready, Set, Action….Gumbiner Savett Inc. Sponsors Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles

Gumbiner Savett Inc. has sponsored the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles for the past six years and shareholder, Shreedhar (Shree) Kothari, CPA, has served as a board member for the same amount of time. In these past six year...

How the Tax Court Treated the Business vs. Hobby Dilemma

I discuss how the IRS distinguishes business activities with those of a hobby. In this post, I will review how the Tax Court concluded, in one decision, a taxpayer who bred and raced horses was involved in a hobby instead of op...

A Business or a Hobby?

If you have a sideline business that throws off a net loss (deductible expenses in excess of revenue), you may think you can write off the loss. But the IRS may claim your purported business loss is from a hobby that never had ...

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    “We have had a long-term relationship with Gumbiner Savett and the integrity, open communication and professionalism of the firm, its partners and staff have made them stand out in our minds, and in my own experience, as I have come to know the firm.”

    - Linda and Rob Ferber

    Tax Clients

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    “They have a lot of knowledge of GAAP, and I’m confident in their ability to do our books.”

    - Nita Moran, Controller


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    “If they tell us they are getting something done, they get it done and on time. They respond quickly and they are proactive.”


    The Chadmar Group

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    "I wanted to thank you for looking out after me. You make me feel very comfortable and take a huge weight off my shoulders. I'm so glad I met you."

    - Curt Buthman

    Tax Client

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